Forum Title: Help! Kitchen Remodel Mess. Subs Messing Up Soffit Advice,full Overlay Cabinets.
Hi all, Hoping for some professional advice here. My daughter is having her kitchen remodeled by a contractor that was recommended by her real estate agent. (203k loan so kitchen remodel is rolled into loan for purchase of the home). Anyway, the contractor has hardly been there and his subs are messing up left and right. A wall was removed to extend the kitchen with more cabinets added to the new area. Due to budget, she opted to extend the soffit into the new area as opposed to removing it and opening up a can of worms. These are Ikea, full overlay cabinets. They ended up building the soffit 2 too long so now it extends past the upper wall cabinets right a the L where a peninsula was added and just doesn't look good. I really want to make them fix it, but wondering just how hard this would be? (It's already mudded but not yet sanded and finished) Could they just cut out that side 2x4 and set it back to where it should be? Another issue is that they butted the full overlay cabients right up to the soffit and didn't bother to worry about level and plumb so what starts as a slight gap at one end of the soffit gets quite a bit bigger at the other. I think they should have been installed an inch or 2 lower and filler used to make this look better. Thoughts? Advice? What would you do? They are coming back in 2 days to install the countertops and I'm not looking forward to how that will go. Thanks!
Category: General Contractor Post By: MARIA J (Austin, TX), 02/12/2018

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