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Project is excavating a crawl space to make a garage. I'm a pro but this one is at my place. Girder beam made of 3 2X10 is supporting the joist stagger for the room above and partially supporting interior non-load bearing closet wall. The overall span is about 16 feet. It seem like the original builder used 12 footers and cut 8 footers to create the beam and supported it on two 6x6s roughly 1/3rd of the way out so one of the posts sits under the splice and the other mid way between the first and the foundation. I figured they did that to save on material and since it was a crawl space, no one would care where the posts stand. The problem is that the location of the posts is not going to work for parking vehicles. So my plan was to install a metal center post and replace the spliced part with full 2x10s from foundation to post. As I was going about it today I found that the center piece was actually spliced at the other side probably to create a continuous beam. so now I have the first side of solid pieces installed and the original post removed but I am unsure as to what to do with the other side. I am inclined to leave the beam as is. My thought is that since the splice is in the middle 2x which is sandwiched between the two outer pieces it will hold strong. My other consideration is that since this is the side that is only holding the floor stagger and not the wall, the load requirements for it are much less than the other one. Replacing the wood on that side will be much more involved. There is a 3waste drain on one side and two 3/4 copper supply on the other. Thoughts/Ideas?
Category: General Contractor Post By: GEORGE D (Seattle, WA), 03/14/2018

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