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Looking to update my dumpster verbiage for my contracts. I came up with these options but they need to be fine tuned 1.Contractor supplying dumpster for the entire project A.Dumpster time limit: Dumpsters have a time limit of two per dumpsters, delays in the project may affect the allowable time limit for the dumpster. Extra dumpster fees will apply if delays in the project force an early pickup of a dumpster and a new dumpster is required B. Contractor may increase contracted allowable dumpster size to remove debris from another project 2.Contractor supplying dumpster, Homeowner utilizing his own subcontractors, I often run into this situation. Customer hires his own electrician and plumber, but Iím left to deal with their mess A.Dumpsters allocated in this contract are to be used by the contactor DJF only, non-contracted contractors from DJF will require their own debris methods. If sub-contractors would like to use free available dumpster space please notify DJF prior to ordering of the next dumpster to allow a larger container at a fee 3.Homeowner supplying dumpster A.Loading fee: Dumpster must be available and have free space during construction. A loading fee of $X.XX per dumpster will be charged if dumpster is not onsite and available
Category: General Contractor Post By: CAROLINE PAGE (Milford, CT), 02/17/2018

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